11 April 2013

Synagis #4

Luke had his fourth injection of Synagis today, although it was only because I called and asked for a special exception. The typical season is documented to be November through March and its unusual for the season to extend to April. That said, with his upcoming procedure next week, I was nervous about him not having the protection of the injection while his little body works overtime next week to recuperate from the sedated echo and heart cath. Also since we will be admitted Thursday night, he could potentially be exposed to germs since sick people seem to congregate in hospitals. Today when the nurse measured Luke he was 23.5 inches long and he weighed in at 12 pounds, 14 ounces... Up over one and a half pounds since she took the same measurements exactly a month ago today.

Luke fell asleep in his bouncy seat this afternoon while I was cleaning and he's been sleeping this way now for going on two and a half hours. Joan was kind enough to help me clean today and we are doing some good deep cleaning stuff... Windows, floors and baseboards, both refrigerators, cupboard doors in addition to the normal stuff like laundry and dishes. The worst part is that we have spent most of the afternoon so far in the kitchen and dining room and I would love to get this same stuff done in the bedrooms too...

(The purpose of this post really was just for me to document Luke's measurements ... in the spirit of cleaning, I wanted to throw away the paperwork from today... Guess this means I shouldn't be blogging... )

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