17 April 2013

Heart Catheterization

Luke's cardiologist called last night to tell us that she was reviewing his case to prepare for today and that she wanted us to know that she is expecting that we will need to do the cath...

I'm holding baby Luke right now... He's on his belly and has his head resting on my shoulder. I can feel his breath on my neck and the rise and fall of his chest. I can feel life. My life and his entertwined as one in this moment. A mother and her child. I've always wondered if I was in the moment, if I would give my life for another and I know tonight that I would. I wish I could do this for Luke tomorrow.

The cath is considered relatively safe, I don't want you all to worry for us. The vast majority of babies come through with flying colors. The real risk is us not knowing that he needs surgery and this will suggest the right timing.

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