02 April 2013

Farm Kings

I came across this blog post about the TV show Farm Kings and actually laughed out loud when I read the article.  Partly because the author refers to the brothers as "male Gods, with golden locks and muscles only a hard working man can develop.......picking corn" which is pretty difficult to go unnoticed since they hardly wear shirts!  But also, I laughed because I had almost the same reaction as her daughter when I realized that one of the youngest brothers has Down syndrome.... I yelled for Dustin to "COME LOOK AT THE TV!" and since then, we've been DVR-ing it, in part because it really is kind of a cool show but also because we continue to have a lot of curiosity about DS and how Luke may look, sound and act as he grows older.  I'm grateful that I have this particular way to observe a young man affected by DS and have been comforted by how "normal" (if there really is such a thing for any of us) he seems.  He's funny, engages with his brothers constantly and he seems as equally loved as everyone else on the show.  It's a good show as far as reality tv is concerned and airs on GAC if you're interested. The family bios are interesting and share that Ben is 12 years old.

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Brothers Tim and Ben King

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