14 April 2013

Matthew's New "Ride"

A few weeks back, Matthew had his first opportunity to ride in one of the Little Tikes' red Cozy Cars.  He loved it and was really upset when his time to ride was over.  Now that the weather is improving, we're finding it hard to get him to come indoors in the evenings.  Even though until now we didn't have any outdoor toys, Matthew has been happy with chasing the dog, kicking leaves, picking up sticks as well as his random wanderings through the garage and in the yard.  After finding it difficult to find and purchase used outdoor plastic toys, we bit the bullet and bought a couple of new toys for him.  The first to be assembled is a new and improved version of the Cozy Coupe, a self proclaimed hillbilly family's dream.... the Cozy Truck.  It arrived in the mail (thanks to free 2-day shipping courtesy of Amazon Prime) on Friday and we spent the better part of yesterday morning assembling  this new shiny plastic obsession of our 19 month old.

Matthew even woke up this morning asking to "ride" as he calls it and he was more willing to offer up some happy faces for me today... As I snapped the last photo Dustin commented about how he hopes the sippy of milk is all he ever chooses to drink behind the wheel... thats a long ways off I guess, but the realities of teaching those concepts will surely begin before we know it.  If you agree, join me in raising a glass [of milk, of course] to enjoying the innocence that comes along with being a toddler...

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