28 April 2013

Baby Food Bonanza

Do you know one of those people... one of those people who has an abundance of energy?  One of those people who has a heart of gold and gives more often than she takes?  Someone who is kind and loving and sees the best in others?  Someone you aspire to be more like?  A few of those kind of people come to mind for me, but today I am especially blessed to have Dustin's cousin Angela in my life.  Ang and her husband Chris are givers.... they give and they give and they give until you think there can't be any more left and then they give some more.  Ang serves others more often than not... she helps run a food bank, she opens her home to everyone she knows, she is an EMT, she gives CPR lessons and I'm sure if I thought hard enough I could come up with a 100 more ways she puts others first.  One of the ways she's touched me is that she is there to help when you need it but are too shy to ask for it.  Ang is currently well into her 3rd pregnancy and today we made baby food for the better part of the afternoon for Luke and her baby due early this summer.  She brought the raw ingredients... carrots, sweet potatoes, peas and green beans, her baby food making supplies and experience to our house so we could prepare food for our little piggies.  And prepare food we did!  We froze 21 quart bags of the stuff!  When we were finished, however I found out that Ang never intended to take any of the food home for herself... she had come to spend the day only to offer me help in making Luke's food AND she wouldn't let me pay her for the ingredients she bought for today!  I should also mention that she made Matthew's first few months worth of baby food and gifted that to us as well.  And she and her husband have brought us probably close to 8 or 10 *delicious* meals combined between both of our babies after we've come home from the hospital.  She's also showered us with goodies like homemade blackberry jam, apple pies and canned peaches.  Ang, I don't know how I will ever return the love and kindness you continue to bring into my life, but I want you to know how much I appreciate you!!  You rock!

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