18 April 2013

Heart Cath Results

We just spoke with our cardiologist and she was very pleased with the cath. Luke's arteries allowed easy access, he didn't lose much blood and the pressures were favorable. We will look to hold off on his open heart surgery until he is bigger!! [tears of joy] We didn't discuss timeframe for surgery just yet, but she shared that she won't need to see him back for 3 months!!

On another note, his white blood cell count was down again, lower than it was last time (and last time was a concern). Our cardiologist shared that she is going to talk with hematology and ask that they see us while we are admitted today or tomorrow or if not, maybe we can come back to see them next week. The low white blood count indicates that he is "sick" although he doesn't appear to have any cold symptoms. This has been floating around the back of my mind, but we were hoping that the last time it was low that it was just a reflection of him recovering from having RSV back in February... I hope it's not something serious.


  1. Yay about the cath results! I'm sure it's a relief to know it can wait til he's bigger. I'll be praying for good news from hematology about the blood count. Hopefully it's nothing!

  2. So glad that Luke's cath went well! A lot of prayers have been said for all of you. Hopefully the blood count is nothing, but if you do have to see hematology-take it from me you will be in excellent hands. We have been so pleased with our experience with the hematology group. They have an awesome group of talented, caring people.