18 April 2013

Surgery began at 9 AM

We were able to stay with Luke this morning right up until he was laying on the operating table in the cath lab. We received word just recently that they began the catheterization at 9 am. We are hoping to hear an update within the next 2 hours. Here are some photos of Luke this morning. I thought the infant sized hospital gown was bittersweet... Cute and hard to look at both at the same time. I was struck with how small he looked on the table and we also were amazed at the number and size of the monitors on the right of the bed. In addition to our cardiologist there was a cardiology fellow present (he also saw Luke in the NICU following birth) as well as an anesthesiologist and his fellow as well as probably at least 6 nurses.

Also, Dustin and I were both surprised about the location of the cardiac cath lab where Luke is right now. If you remember, I delivered baby Luke here in Cleveland at the Clinic in a unit they call the Special Delivery Unit (SDU). We were told the SDU was connected to the cath lab, but until today, I never realized how connected it really was... It's literally on the other side of one door. Amazing to walk through that unit and reflect on the morning of December 22nd, 2012 when baby Luke joined our lives. Also such a reassurance of the technology available to mothers with cardiac issues who deliver here or for families delivering babies with known cardiac issues. I am struck with how blessed we were that snowy morning that Luke didn't need to visit the cath lab, but also with the fact that we are in this network.


  1. Kristin, Luke is going to do great! Continuing to pray for you guys!!

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