26 January 2014

The sweetest thing

Cuddling with a sleeping baby Luke in the recliner while Matthew drags out every child size eating utensil and multiple cookie cutters to facilitate his homemade play dough obsession. Love watching Matthew play while Luke rests his head on my shoulder where I can rest my cheek on his cheek and we can snuggle close on this snowy day. Ahh, there isn't much sweeter in life than these moments with my little ones!!

25 January 2014

So many milestones, so little time

We've had so many awesome things happening at our house lately!

Luke has been army crawling for quite some time and continues to get faster and stronger. He's now able to nearly push up into a sitting position on his own and has been able to get out of sitting for probably at least a month. He has also been pulling to kneeling on the bottom step of the stairs for a few weeks and just today pulled to standing while I was sitting in our recliner. He pulled to kneeling by holding onto the recliner and kept trying to get higher so I held his hand to help stabilize him and he pulled the rest of the way to stand! He did this four times in just an hour! Tonight Dustin shared that he saw him kneeling on top of the first step so that's his first success with climbing too! A week ago yesterday at 12 months, 3 weeks Luke said his first word, ball! He was playing with a soccer ball with his speech therapist and she was referring to the "ball" and he just started repeating it! It's such an exciting time to observe Luke, he is just amazing!

Luke isn't the only amazing little one in our family, Matthew is pretty spectacular too! He is repeating everything and has a vocabulary to rival some of the best communicators his age. It's normal for him to speak in 5-7 word sentences and it's really fun to talk to someone who can carry on a conversation and has such a high level of understanding and comprehension. This week we've reached a major milestone in that we are seriously working on potty training. The sitter started it with him on Monday and as of today (Saturday) we've only had a few accidents. He's really not been telling us that's ready to go, rather we have to remind him about once an hour, but that's pretty irrelevant to me since it seems to be working. I'm sure it won't be long before he's directing us by sharing his needs. He's been wearing big boy undies all week which is beyond adorable and we've been offering him chocolate chips as a treat after he goes.... He's sure to remind us after each successful trip to the bathroom that he's ready for "more chocolate chips"!