31 March 2013

Easter Weekend 2013

Luke and Mommy stayed home during most of the Easter festivities this weekend in an effort to help protect the little guy from germs.  We know that everyone is well meaning, but since babies are so incredibly irresistible, sometimes it's hard to keeps others at a safe distance.  At least when we're out and about and Luke is in his carrier around strangers, folks aren't really willing to dive into my personal space to see him.  When you're around people you know, it's much easier to be relaxed and let your guard down.  It was hard to stay away from our loved ones this weekend and we're looking forward to his procedure in just 2 1/2 weeks.... once it's over, we're hoping to feel like we have more freedom to enjoy ourselves and others outside of our home.

Even though I wasn't there, Daddy took photos of Matthew during the Burgett cousins Easter egg hunt last night.  While some of the little people were missing, it looks like those in attendance had a great time!

Aunt Dori helping Matthew find some eggs...
Some of the "big" kids watching the "little" kids during the egg hunt

Today was the first time I can remember ever missing Easter Sunday at church.  Again... we are still attempting to isolate Luke from other kids as much as possible.  I felt a bit out of sorts this morning as we missed the celebration of Jesus' resurrection during our church's service, but one of the members of our congregation sent home tulips they had brought in for the altar today and it made us feel really special.  Thank you to Dave and Beth Lackey for your thoughtfulness!  We are so blessed to have so many wonderful friends! We will be enjoying these flowers this week!!

Yesterday was my mom's birthday and today we celebrated!  Unfortunately, Luke and I missed yet another Easter celebration today with his dad's side of the family (and we forgot to send the camera, so I'm bummed that we don't have any photos to share).  While Dustin and Matthew were gone, my mom and I prepared an Easter dinner that we hosted with my brother and sister at our home tonight, which also doubled as my mom's  birthday dinner... hopefully she didn't mind helping to prepare her own birthday meal!  We had ham, corn casserole, deviled eggs, potato salad, a relish tray, asparagus and sauteed portabella mushrooms with vanilla ice cream and homemade German Chocolate cake for dessert.

Luke watching Mommy and Mimi cook
Even though we had him somewhat propped up,
Luke was still show us some awesome head control today!!
"A homemade cake? That's pretty awesome"!
Matthew was practicing blowing out candles for his birthday in August

So it ended up probably being a good thing that we didn't go to church this morning because Matthew wasn't feeling too good so the Easter bunny waited until after dinner to come to our house today.  Here is Matthew enjoying one of his peeps while brother Luke watches from across the room...

Finally an end to a good Easter weekend...

Do I really have to go to bed after this bath?

Hooray! He is risen, He is risen indeed!

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