14 March 2013

Synagis # 3 / Therapy / Upcoming Appointments

Luke had his third Synagis shot this morning to help prevent him from contracting RSV again. The appointment was uneventful, but I am happy to report that the little guy is growing!  They weigh him to determine the exact dosage of the injection and he was 11 pounds, 10.5 ounces! We were discharged from home health nursing for Synagis this morning, but I've heard that sometimes RSV  season can extend into April, so I'll be following up with our pediatrician in early April to make sure the season has ended and that we don't need to fight for authorization of one more injection.

After his injection, he rested a bit until his physical therapist, Ty arrived for therapy.  Therapy mostly consists of playing and doing things like tummy time, rolling and leg exercises as well as different activities to help strengthen his neck. Luke wasn't real happy (I think from the shot) and we didn't accomplish as much as we usually do during our therapy sessions.

On another note... next week is Luke's next follow up with cardiology.  We are hoping to have an indication of when his surgery will take place following the appointment (however we say this before every cardiology appointment :).  If the blood pressure has dropped in his lungs, great!  We can keep following with them and will likely be able to postpone surgery.  If the pressure hasn't dropped, they will probably want to perform a heart catheter procedure to determine the exact flow across the holes to determine the need / timing for surgery.  If they do a heart cath, we're told it will be an inpatient procedure... I'm nervous he will need it and am scared for it to happen.  Please say a prayer for baby Luke and the rest of us!

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