17 March 2013

Twinkle Toes

About a month ago I joined a closed Facebook group for moms of babies with Down syndrome born in 2012 and 2013 and I have loved being a part of the group!  The moms are basically dealing with a lot of the same stuff and I've learned a lot from them!  Last week, they were talking about an activity gym that was recommended by one of their physical therapists to help promote building trunk strength and muscle tone.  Since we've had lots of hand-me-downs from Matthew for Luke, I decided it would be nice to get him something new and I went online and made the purchase.  It has a piano by baby's feet so when they kick they get music as a reward.  It also has a bar that flips down with a mirror for tummy time and when baby is older and sitting up, the piano turns upwards and baby can sit at it and play.  Here are a few pics of Luke with his new toy...

Whoa Mom, did you hear that?
Twinkle toes

Tummy time with his new activity gym.  Notice the rolled up blanket underneath his chest to help him get his face up off the ground... Thanks to Bethany for the wonderful blankets as a gift and thanks to Audra one of our therapists for showing us how to use them to help baby Luke!

Even with low tone, Luke can get his head up pretty good!


  1. Beautiful baby boy, Kristin!

  2. Thanks Jen! I'm pretty crazy about him!

  3. Oh man...I must have missed the post about the gym! Ours isn't very good...may have to make a new purchase! Luke is super adorable as always!

    1. We had this gym for only 2 weeks when it stopped playing music!! I'm so bummed.... gonna contact fisher price to see if they can send us new parts or something!