13 March 2013

Washing baby's hair

Matthew loves to help wash his own hair.  We put the soap on his head for him and he has become a pro at rubbing it in, swooshing it all around and getting his hair super clean.  Last night he decided he wanted to help wash Luke's hair.  Since they take a bath together, Matthew finished helping with his own hair and then he took Luke's washcloth and attempted to squeeze water out of it onto Luke's head like we do to wet down his hair before adding the shampoo.  Then he pretended to wash it too!  Such a goofy guy! 

After bathtime, I always massage baby lotion onto Luke's skin.  We used to do this with Matthew when he was little too.  Last night, he wanted lotion like Luke, although he wanted to do it himself.  We put the lotion in his hand and while we tried to show him how to rub it on various body parts, he would only rub it onto his right leg!

Last night, he also tried to share his sippy cup with his baby brother... only problem, it's the wrong kind of milk and baby can't drink from a straw yet!  He is such a big boy and loves to attempt to help baby Luke.  Finally, tonight, Luke was in his swing and let out a few fusses... Matthew came to the rescue with Luke's binky!  He tried to put it in baby's mouth, but he was holding the nipple part in his hand so he kept trying to put it in backwards!  Although he didn't have it quite right, he definitely got an A for effort!  I'm so impressed by the open love in his heart and his desire to help his baby brother!

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