18 March 2013

A note to my readers

To my readers:

I am sorry for the influx of writings lately, hopefully I'm not annoying you with too much stuff... at the core of this blog, my goal is personal therapy and to bring you along with me on my journey of raising a child with Down syndrome.  I'm sure my activitiy will wax and wane over time and for now, I've just been so full of things that I've needed to say.  I was sharing with Dustin last night that the best part of writing is having the opportunity to choose my words.  Taking time to choose my words allows me to put my own filter and perspective on the world around me as I share our experiences - that is the therapy I derive from this process.  Thank you for sticking with me as I work through all this stuff I have floating around in my mind :)

Many you be blessed beyond measure!

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