03 March 2013

Mmm Pancakes

Today Luke attended one of his first social events... The Wooster Township Fire Department and Ruritan Pancake Breakfast held at Triway High School where his daddy was once a student.  Like clockwork we go every year and our tradition is to meet up friends and sometimes family too to enjoy pancakes, sausage, applesauce, orange juice and coffee. We debated whether or not it was a good idea to take Luke and potentially expose him to germs, but in the end, decided to go but leave him in his carseat and covered as much as possible.  For the most part people were really courteous and didn't reach in to touch him and we were careful to follow up with hand sanitizer whenever someone was just too tempted and couldn't resist his sweet cheeks! I felt a little silly with the hand sanitizer (and even had a flashback to a time when I made fun of someone else for doing the same thing a few years ago!) but I'm not comfortable with risking it! 

Matthew was really well behaved today, which we've come to expect as pretty normal for him.  I'm so proud of his manners and his winning personality... He's a great little guy!   There were some toys for kids to play with in the entry way to the school cafeteria and since I needed to feed Luke before we left, we let him play... He fell in love with one of those red plastic little tykes cars (the type Fred Flinstone would use since its motor is really little feet) you see them every now and then and he even cried when it was time to leave! I'm pretty sure we will have to find him one for this summer!

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