25 March 2013

3 Months Old

Luke turned 3 months old on Friday March 22nd.  It wasn't the best day in our household as his older brother Matthew contracted some sort of stomach bug and we spent the better part of the afternoon in the ER getting him checked out for dehydration.  When Dustin got home that evening, Luke and I quarantined ourselves off from the rest of the house in an attempt to stay away from the germs and we used the time wisely... to take pictures!  For the life of me, I could not get the kid to smile, I did however manage to capture a wave...

As a note, I did talk with his cardiologist today and we have his sedated echo/heart catheter procedure scheduled for Thursday April 18th... the plan is for him to stay at least one night for observation so hopefully we will be home with him on the 19th, the day before his Daddy's 31st birthday.

Hello Everyone... I am 3 Months Old!

If I stick my tongue out will stop taking my picture and leave me alone?

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  1. He's a doll! I love the sticking out the tongue pic!