18 March 2013

My C's In The Country: "Why" ?

Sometimes it can be so easy to question why things are the way they are in life... why do people get cancer? why do we have to lose our loved ones?  Why doesn't everything go according to our well laid plans?  Why does my child have Down syndrome? why me? 

I came across this article from a fellow blogger.. a truly beautiful explanation of "why" things happen.  She shares that it's the best way for God to work in our lives, although without faith that can be hard to see...

My C's In The Country: "Why" ?: My mother in law and I left church together driving home from "Christian Missions" in Jacksboro, Texas {Awesome Church BTW} severa...


  1. I had asked my husband to do a post (I'm sure people get tired of me) and I thought it would be a long and serious story of Camden's birth. I thought what he wrote was perfect. Thank you Kristin for sharing on your blog!

    1. You're welcome! Thank you for such a wonderful story about Camden's birth... sometimes there are no answers to our questions, only faith. Your post was so beautifully said that I had no other choice than to share!