28 March 2013

For the Love of Cheerios

I know I've basically dedicated this blog to baby Luke... and believe it or not, we do have another kid!  And he has his own blog (although I set it to private when I started it back in 2010 before we got pregnant with him and I need to clean it up before anyone else ever lays eyes on it!)  Anyway since I haven't posted much on here about Matthew, I thought today was a fine day to introduce you to the first baby who stole our hearts....

For the Love of Cheerios... like most kids, Matthew's been eating them since he was maybe 6 months old (honestly I can't recall when we introduced them to him, but it was sometime around then).  He calls them "eerios" and they were his food of choice this morning.  Here are some photos of him eating and playing with his breakfast.


And since I can't take pictures of one kid and not the other... here are a few of Luke this morning who was sleeping in his swing while Matthew and I ate our "eerios".

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