06 February 2013

Admitted for RSV: Wednesday Update

The nurse was in a bit earlier to remove Luke's feeding tube and when it was removed his nose cannula was stuck to it and also came out. While we got them untangled, Luke seemed to be doing relatively well with maintaining his oxygen saturation while on room air! We decided to leave the cannula out and instead use what they call "blow by". Not a very scientific name... It's just a tube of oxygen they lay next to Luke and let it "blow" by him giving him some extra oxygen in the vicinity of his nose, but not actually pushing it in him like with the cannula. This is considered a step down to room air!! Although his pulse ox has dropped to the high 70's a couple of times and has hung out some in the 80's, for the most part the blow by has helped him to maintain his pulse ox in the low 90's!

Yay for Luke!!

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