17 February 2013

A Hurt Back But Happy Heart

Tomorrow I'm heading back to work, so it would only be fitting that I hurt my back this morning... I couldn't be lucky enough to go back healthy. I picked Matthew up to put him in his high chair and afterwards felt a sharp pain in the muscles of my lower back... I was just bragging yesterday that I hadn't hurt it in a while, I suppose I should have knocked on wood afterwards.

Possibly it was a blessing in disguise however as I had plans to complete a project today (homemade flash cards for Matthew - I had all of the supplies ready and was even going to laminate and hook them together with a metal ring so we could keep a set here, but also have one for his diaper bag to entertain him when we go out and at the sitters). Instead of crafting, I snuggled with Luke literally all day in the recliner, only putting him down maybe three times since we awoke this morning. In addition, I've watched almost all Downton Abbey's Season 3!

Since I wasn't mobile enough to accomplish anything today, I'm feeling behind this evening as by this point in the night had wanted to get the kid's diaper bags ready for tomorrow and also plan out an outfit for me for the morning as beginning tomorrow I will be working four ten hour days and am hoping to leave here by 6 or 6:15, supposing I can get myself ready and also feed Luke before its time to go.

On another note, Dustin is giving Matthew his bath right now and I can hear them playing together. As I listen on the opposite side of the closed bathroom door, I can visualize what's going on... Matthew squeals and Dustin laughs as he calls him a "crazy kid", probably because he's decided to use the wash cloth as a make believe hat and I can hear Dustin reviewing colors with him as they play with the primary colored foam letters and numbers that stick to the side of the bathtub when they are wet. Finally, Dustin is bribing Matthew with brushing his teeth since he loves the bubblegum flavored toothpaste to get him to agree to get out of the warm water. It can be so easy to let all these little moments, splashes and giggles pass us by through the course of each day... I just wish I could memorize every little experience we have with our boys and never forget all of the excitement and wonder each day brings us. I can't imagine how life could ever get any better than it is right now...

Here is a photo of Luke resting in his swing while I type... Speaking of Luke resting... Over the course of the last three nights, he's slept 7 hours twice and one night he slept 9 hours. He has pretty much slept all day today so I'm hoping that doesn't mean that he decides to be up all night tonight! Oh and one more thing... He has been smiling all weekend! I haven't been quick enough with the camera to capture one yet, but they are so beautiful they melt your heart! Here's to getting one on camera soon!

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