23 February 2013

Help Chloe Raise Funds for The American Heart Association

I wrote a few days ago about Chloe, an elementary student who has dedicated her participation in the American Heart Association's Jump Rope for Heart Program at her school in Luke's honor.  The Jump Rope program has two goals, to teach children about the importance of cardiovascular health and also to raise funds for the American Heart Association.  I remember being a part of this fundraiser when I was in grade school and I loved the t-shirt I won from gaining donations!

Since learning of Luke's heart defect, I've used their website on multiple occasions and I've come to rely on it as a trustworthy resource...  and their information on Congenital Heart Defects has really helped me to learn more about what's happening inside Luke's little body and since peace of mind comes with better understanding of your situation, it's been very meaningful to me!

The American Heart Association's mission is to build healthier lives, free of cardiovascular diseases and stroke. "That single purpose drives all we do. The need for our work is beyond question. We use dollars raised through Jump Rope For Heart to help children, schools and communities through initiatives such as":

  • Fighting childhood obesity. Numerous national and community-based programs are educating children and families about the risks of obesity — and empowering them to take action against it.
  • Cutting-edge research. Ongoing discovery of new treatments, technologies and preventions are vital to saving and changing lives. Since 2003 the American Heart Association has committed more than $76.2 million for research projects related to children.
  • Keeping PE in schools. Volunteers and staff urge lawmakers at the federal and state levels to support quality physical education for all public school children through grade 12.
  • Better nutrition in schools. We support national- and state-level legislation so schools will offer healthier food choices to students and staff. Getting more fresh fruits and vegetables in schools will help reduce obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes, and other risk factors for heart disease and stroke.
  • Teaching CPR in schools. CPR can be the difference between life and death for a loved one. We offer a number of courses and awareness programs to train middle school and high school students in CPR.

Please join me in supporting Chloe and her efforts and make a donation in her name to the American Heart Association!  You can donate and help her get credit by using this link: Chloe Schumaker Fundraising Page  If you do decide to donate, please be sure to choose "Donate Now" directly from the link above instead of donating from the School's page so we can make sure Chloe gets credit for the donation!  Also, a call to any of my "Jersey" friends reading this... Chloe is Dale Kauffman's granddaughter from Margandale Jerseys in Shreve, Ohio!

P.S. I paid with Paypal and it was super fast and easy!

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  1. It looks like someone just made a donation, but since it comes up as anonymous on the donation site... I would love to know if it was one of Luke's supporters! Please send me an email at jerz4me@gmail.com or even comment here so we can thank you properly!! Love, Kristin