01 February 2013

Demystified: Help Me Grow and A Plan for Therapy

Clarity, finally! Until this afternoon I've had some confusion about the Help Me Grow program and while I still don't completely understand what they will be doing for us (or the official role they play in our county), I am more confident in how we will be interacting with them in the future. We will be working with one of their coordinators to brainstorm ways to help Luke have access to tools and resources he needs to learn and build skills. In addition, they partner with the Wayne County Board of Developmental Disabilities, who will come to our home on a monthly basis for now to administer physical therapy to Luke and to teach us how to incorporate therapy activities into his routine.

Today, we had visitors from the board of DD, one of them being our future physical therapist (who I loved by the way). We did some enrollment paperwork and they completed an evaluation of Luke, who they said was doing very well - yay! I was so proud! She specially commented on his neck and trunk strength and praised the ways we are working with him and how we have already incorporated some therapy activities into his daily routine, which made me feel really good!! It's different than how we cared for Matthew, in that I feel like I'm much more intentional with how things are completed with his care and it felt really rewarding that someone seemed to notice that we are taking an active role in helping him... It also was so awesome to receive some good news with his physical progress! Lastly, we spent more time just visiting and getting to know each other. She's coming back in a few weeks for another session!

I already have another session scheduled with the private provider we saw last month for both physical and occupational therapy for one evening next week. I'm looking forward to seeing what they have to say and I'm wondering if it will be best to continue with both versions of therapy? I'm kind of thinking it would be nice if they complemented each other and we could continue with both, but I guess we will think on it and decide later.

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