04 February 2013

Admitted for RSV: Monday Afternoon

We didn't have anything too exciting happen during rounds this morning, but after some debate this afternoon, the nursing staff placed a feeding tube in Luke's nose. There was some discussion about giving him an IV for hydration since he hasn't been feeding real aggressive, but instead they agreed to a feeding tube. I think this will be a better solution for him at this point since the intent of the IV was preventative maintenance in case he needs it in the future for hydrating (in case he became dehydrated and his veins were to collapse, preventing the nurses from being able to place an IV port). Since he has been feeding some and has been having wet diapers and isn't showing any other signs of dehydration, I'm happier with giving him a mechanism for nutrition at this point instead of a vehicle for sugar water only. If we top off his feeds with the ng tube, he shouldn't have the opportunity to become dehydrated in the first place. Right now we are waiting for an X-ray tech to stop over and take a film of Luke's chest to verify the tube was placed correctly so we can begin using it later today.

Before lunch, our cardiologist came in to check on Luke. I'd been concerned with potential implications RSV could have on his heart and/or lungs and after receiving a so so response from one of the resident nurses (who supposedly called someone in cardiology to make sure things were okay), I decided to specifically call Luke's cardiologist and leave a message telling her what was up and within 30 minutes she was in his room to take a peek at him. She felt okay with the way he looked and said she'd like to complete an echo on him once the virus has run its course and we're close to being discharged. I felt much better after she looked at him and I feel like I can rest a little easier today. She is planning to stop back over in the morning to see him again.

Also, I continue to get the run around on getting the Synagis shot for Luke. The shot is very expensive and it sounds like insurance companies in general are very selective in how they approve the shot. We are finally approved, but now that we're in the hospital, we won't be home for a home health care nurse to come to our house to administer the shot. I am currently waiting for a hospital case worker to come visit us to help me figure out if we can have the medication sent to the clinic and have a nurse here give the shot to Luke. The conversation now is centering around potential legal issues and inpatient / outpatient rules for an inpatient nurse to give an outpatient medication. The worst part is that Luke needs the shot and there seem to have been so many hoops for us to jump through in getting it for him. I will continue to stay on top of this and follow up.

Here are a few pics of Luke from this afternoon...

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