18 February 2013

First Day Back to Work

Today wasn't so bad. 

It was easier coming back to work after having our second child than it was having our first.  Not because I love Luke any less than Matthew, but rather because I knew what to expect it to feel like to leave our baby.  I also have a lot of trust for our sitter and that helps so very much!  Lastly, since I'll be working four 10 hour days, I kept reminding myself that I will get to spend a whole day at home later this week. 

Just before lunch, I had a fun phone call from the receptionist at the visitors's entrance who said, "Ms. Taylor, you have had a special delivery!  Please come to the front desk to pick up a bouquet of flowers!"  I was excited to see who had sent them and walked the entire way up in anticipation of reading the card.  It said, "Have a great first day back at work, Love Mom"!  Thanks mom, you're the best and the purple roses (my favorite color) are beautiful!

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