03 February 2013

Admitted for RSV: Back In The Hospital

Over the last few days Luke has been showing some signs of having a cold and yesterday a test that his pediatrician performed on Friday came back from the lab with a positive result for the RSV virus.  Considering Luke is only 6 weeks old and is at a high risk for RSV because of his heart defect, we were admitted to the Cleveland Clinic last night. 
As of this morning, he is still eating well and isn't showing signs of dehydration, which would be a red flag and would require him to be put on IV fluid so hopefully that doesn't happen.  They have a pretty powerful suctioning device that beats a bulb syringe hands down and they are using it to remove mucous and similar secretions from his nasal passages.  Also this morning he began de-sating some so they put him on oxygen via a nose canula, which has helped him to stay oxygenated.
Apparently RSV peaks between symptom days 3 and 7, which is a pretty big range. Today is day 3 for Luke so hopefully we will have a sense today or tomorrow of how severe the virus will hit him.
I'll update things here if Luke's symptoms get worse or as we learn more from our doctors.  In the meantime, please keep him in your prayers!

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