06 June 2013

What is Neutropenia?

A friend shared this link about Neutropenia and I wanted to publish it for Luke's followers.


Luke has cyclic neutropenia, which is how we are explaining the up and down bounce in his white blood cell count / absolute neutrophil count.  Fortunately, Luke has been anti-symptomatic at this point and he hasn't encountered any odd rashes or infections yet that have been concerning.  We are monitoring his WBC and ANC with a monthly blood draw for now.  Hopefully it's something he outgrows, but it can be life-threatening and is very serious if an infection occurs.  We will continue to learn and pray that Luke doesn't develop anything serious.

This article sums it up nicely: Guidelines for Diagnosis and Treatment of SDS

A note to self: I discovered this comment on a thread about neutropenia recently and wanted to have this info to review next time I get fired up and motivated to start using supplements....

Vitamin C, Vitamin D, and Vitamin B12 will help bring up the white blood cells & strengthen the immune system. Baby DhA will also help. My son had low WBC at his 12 month check up, and he was back within normal range two months later. I use Rainbow Light Infant Multivitamin Powder, Infant Vitamin D drops, Nordic Baby DHA, Infant probiotics. If she is bottlefed, you may want to see a naturopath & get an infant enzyme, she may not be digesting her food to get the vitamins from her food...

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