09 June 2013

Cloth Diapering Options / New Lukie Pics

I've shared before that we've begun cloth diapering recently and up until now, I've mostly fixated on Bumgenius (referred to as BGs from here on out) 4.0 All in Ones (AIOs) and have been pretty successful at building a stash large enough for both boys.  Over the last few weeks, I've gotten a bit adventurous and have branched out to try some other brands.  Initially, I chose a few Tots Bots AIOs called Easy Fits and was pleased with their more trim design than the BGs.  We've been putting Matthew in a disposable overnight because he's a pretty heavy wetter as we just couldn't figure out how to keep him in cloth overnight without leaks... in an attempt to find a solution, I purchased a few Goodmama's online (which I haven't received yet) and since they don't have a built in laminate / waterproof outer, I made my first stop in to Mama Birds, a local cloth diapering store yesterday to purchase a few fitted covers to use on top of them.  While I was there, I picked up three Grovia brand one size AIOs and we're just finally trying one on Luke this morning after multiple washes yesterday.  I like the prints, but even more, I LOVE the super trim design... I've been eye-ing them online for a while, but without being able to see, touch, twist and check them out, it's been hard for me to jump in at $23 a pop for something I wasn't sure I'd like!  They are much more narrow than the BGs between the legs and as such, they don't have that super bulky look and feel.  I hope we're also satisfied with their absorbency.. if so, I can see me de-stashing some of our original BGs and buying more of the Grovias and Tots Bots in their place. 

There are some pics mixed in below of Luke wearing one of his Grovia's with a cute owl print!  I can't believe our sweet little munchkin will be six months old in a few short weeks! 

I think I've posted this same pose a hundred times over, but I can't help it... it just never gets old!

"Seriously Mom, please stop dressing me up and taking photos!"

Luke has been chewing on his fingers, toys, etc a lot lately... I think he's finally teething!

Luke was smiling for daddy this morning....

He hasn't quite rolled over on his own yet, but he's working on it!

I just love all of Luke's new hair... it's been getting really thick on top lately...

Matthew sharing his tractors with Luke

A momma can never have too many photos of her little one's feet!

Luke keeping a close on Matthew's tractor

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  1. Love these pictures! He's getting so big! Adorable!