18 June 2013

How to remove Collodion

Okay cow loving friends... I've been meaning to share this for awhile and had fogotten until now.  When Luke had his EEG, the tech used collodian to glue the electrodes to Luke's head.  I was shocked to see collodian being used in the hospital after using it for years with cattle.  The tech told me they used it like "water" in the neurology department to glue electrodes for EEGs and it just about made me cringe to see it being slopped all over the place and wasted as I've been all too familiar with it's expense when purchasing it from the pharmacy.  As soon as I learned of her intent to slather it over Luke's soft, fragile hair and scalp, I immediately bristled and asked if we had any other options for securing the electrodes.  She reassured me that they could remove them safely and easily without damaging his skin or hair.  I have to admit that I was amazed when she used Mavidon to quickly and easily remove the glue following the test.  This was much easier than using acetone or rubbing alcohol like I've been accustomed to in the past.  I googled Mavidon after returning home and learned that it's relatively inexpensive and I think it would be worth trying next time we're bagging cows. 


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