05 June 2013

Open Heart Surgery - Facility / Surgeon Stats

This information was provided to me by a subsidiary of our health insurance company who employs a congenital heart disease nurse case manager who is offered to us as we seek care for Luke's heart defect.  She did some research and provided these stats as we pursue our decision on where and who will perform Luke's surgery.

Below is the information provided to us from the facilities you requested. 
Note:  the number by each surgeon's name is the number of surgeries performed last year.

Children's Hospital of Boston:
Sitaram Emani 330
Pedro del Nido 253
Frank Pigula 253
Christopher Baird 94 (2012 was the 1st year Dr Baird was the primary surgeon at BCH)
Open case volume:  933
Discharge mortality:  3 (complex CHD conditions)

Number of years affiliated with current program:  1
Career total number of years managing CHD patients:  1
Career total number of CHD surgical procedures performed as Primary Surgeon:  94
Number of CHD surgeries performed last year:  94

Children's Hospital of Philadelphia:
Thomas Spray 332
J William Gaynor 194
Peter Gruber 172
Open case volume:  528
Disharge Mortality:  3 (complex CHD conditions)

University of Michigan Hospitals
Jennifer Hirsch 258
Richard Onye 226
Edward Bove 207
Open case volume:  521
Discharge mortality:  3 (complex CHD conditions)

Nationwide Children's Hospital:
Alistair Philips 222
Patrick McConnell 180
Mark Galantowicz 153
Open case volume:  212
Discharge mortality:  1 (complex CHD conditions)

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