06 June 2013

Learning to Golf

Matthew LOVES to play outside, in fact, some evenings we find it near impossible to get him inside so we can prepare and eat dinner after getting home from work.  Tonight he willingly came inside to eat, however was ready to head back out following dinner for some playtime.  Although it seemed to have rained buckets full all day, he wasn't deterred and we spent some precious mommy / Matthew time "mowing" and "golfing" while Dustin cuddled and fed Luke indoors.

My videos are totally ameteur and un-edited, but I thought they were worth sharing... his golf swing is pretty hilarious! 

In all seriousness though, I really hope introducing these kinds of toys now will help him to develop an interest in learning to golf as he grows older!  (I wouldn't mind if he took up mowing too!)

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