16 June 2013

Happy Father's Day

We took Dustin on a little Father's Day outing yesterday... we started the afternoon with a picnic lunch at Pleasant Hill Lake, where we watched the boats cruise the water and the crazies who were content swimming and playing on the beach with only a 78 degree temperate!

Next, we took to the course at Mohican Adventures Putt Putt, where Dustin helped Matthew golf for the first time.  We were both impressed with Matthew's attention to the ball and his willingness to play hole after hole all the way through to number 18.  Matthew got a bit fixated on a water feature (also known as a goldfish pond) on the 17th hole and when combining his desire to jump in (which we weren't too excited about) and the fact that he hadn't napped yet, we did have a short meltdown as noted in the second to last photo.  Luke slept peacefully the entire time we were putt putting and only decided to wake up as he was in his car seat and ready to head home. 

We finished the afternoon with a stop at the dairyette in Loudonville before heading home to put on jeans for a cook out with friends.  

Matthew, Luke and I are so blessed to have Dustin in our lives.  He is a great role model and an awesome husband.  We love you!!

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