13 May 2013

Bye Bye Bus

Matthew has started putting two words together... I can't believe he will be talking in sentences before we know it! Over the weekend, he saw a school bus in a parking lot and he called out "bus!" from his carseat and as soon as we had passed the school he followed up with " bye bye bus!". I was excited and promised myself I'd write about it when we got home, but I forgot until Dustin shared that on the way home from the sitter tonight Matthew did the same thing as they drove up to a field with Holsteins in the pasture, but tonight it was "cow, cow" and then " bye bye cow". He seems to have a really good vocabulary and if he doesn't know the word for something all you have to do is tell him once! Matthew will be 21 months old in just over a week.


  1. What a big boy! I bet mommy and daddy are so proud! ��

    1. We are really proud Diane! Everyday I am reminded of the miracle of life! It's so fun to watch these little people grow and change!!