20 May 2013

At peace

I know I'm not supposed to compare, but I keep seeing all of these babies who are close in age to Luke and they appear to be ahead of him with their gross motor skills. I know I don't have a reason to be sad, but still... In some ways I am. He's working so hard. He has a lot of persistence and stamina and even while working hard, he rarely loses his big gummy grin. On the surface I know this is our reality, I know Luke will get there in his own time, but its still hard to think that my sweet baby isn't keeping pace with others his age. Living life with Luke is teaching me a greater patience than I ever knew existed. He is teaching me about what it really means to live to your greatest potential and regardless of where he finishes each day's race, its amazing how he seems to be at peace with his progress. I'm not one to keep score. I'm not one to judge. And most days I'm content... On nights like tonight when I feel anxious about what our future holds, I will remind myself to take my cues from our special gift. Our life will be a good life.


  1. It's very hard sometimes! In one way I'm so impatient, but other times I can just sit back and enjoy each moment. They work so hard and the moment they reach a new milestone just makes it just that much sweeter!

    1. Thanks for the comment Diane! We haven't reached too many milestones yet... head and neck control and reaching and grasping... I know there is a lot in store for us in the future! Children are such a miracle!