07 May 2014

Sedated Echo During Pre-Op

So I didn't realize until this morning when I answered a call from a Boston area code that ended up being a nurse in the hospital's sedation department that Luke would be receiving a sedated echo as part of his pre-op next Monday.  I'm not surprised that sedation is part of the work up, it actually makes complete sense, I was just unprepared for a call from the sedation nurse in advance of next week. 

She and I spent about about 20 minutes discussing Luke's medical history as his diagnosis of laryngomalacia/tracheomalacia will dictate his sedation plan and the medication they will use.  She took the information from our conversation and will use it as she consults with her colleauges to devise a proper plan so they can back into the proper feeding guidelines for Luke prior to the sedation. 

Luke's echo is scheduled for a 10 AM and depending on the sedation plan chosen, the sedation process could start around 9 AM or possibly earlier - regardless of the plan chosen, we are supposed to be reporting at 7:30 am to the cardiac pre-op area. 

The sedated echo will include the following individuals:
  • Echo stenographer
  • Nurse
  • Physician/Cardiologist
I'm waiting from a return call from the nurse today or tomorrow to learn of the feeding guidelines they will be recommending for us to follow to prepare for the procedure.

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