31 May 2014

Saturday Morning Update - 2 Days Post Op

Luke had a good night last night, he slept well and woke up around 7AM as a pretty pleasant baby.  The air accumulation doesn't appear to have gotten worse but it also doesn't seem to have gotten better either.  Because it hasn't gotten worse, they have slowed down on the comments about taking him back to the OR and have decided to perform a barium swallow study instead at the point.  It sounds like if there is an esophageal tear, there won't be any intervention necessary as it would be expected to heal on its own... The main concern is that he can't eat until it's healed if that's the issue.  We are just sitting tight for now and don't have much else to report on his condition other than he appears to be doing well aside from the air under his skin.  

We had a super awesome surprise this morning, one of our best friends, Will showed up for a surprise visit!! He over 8 hours one way to get here, from Pennsylvania to see us! We are so blessed to have such awesome people in our lives!!

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