22 February 2014

Pneumonia and an ear infection

Yesterday we took Luke to the pediatrician with a 104.4 fever.  He was in a pretty high level of distress... very limp with a constant moan being the only real sound he'd make.  Following an exam and another set of chest x-rays, it was determined that Luke had some pneumonia in a lobe within his right lung and also a right ear infection.  For treatment, he received a shot of Ceftriaxone (dosage was split in half with him receiving half of the dose in each of his thighs) and we started on oral ammoxicilin this morning. 

Nearly 24 hours later, he's visibly better... the fever is gone, he's more active and the moaning has stopped.  That said, he's still not himself... only wants to be held and cries when we put him down.  I feel so bad for him.  I just wish he'd get better and stay better, it's terrible seeing him sick all the time.

Please continue to pray for our family!


  1. I know it's so hard and I'm so sorry he's sick. I'm glad he's a bit better. The sad look on their face is the worst. Give that boy a hug and kiss from me. Continued prayers my friend.

  2. You're such a sweet friend Diane! Thanks for the prayers and encouragement... I'm so glad I'm on this journey with you! So happy to see Camden is feeling better!! Looking forward to our kids all feeling better soon so we can share lots of smiling faces again soon!!