14 October 2013

Love has a way of making statistics irrelevant...

I wish I had saved the link to the article where I picked this up, but somehow I lost it as I was surfing the web. The article was in reference to the "olden days" when parents of children with Down Syndrome (DS) were advised to institutionalize their babies. The author talked about how the world was a better place to live with DS today than it was even in the 70's & 80's although much of that same kind of advice was given to parents long before that time. It's amazing to me as the mom to an almost 10-month old with DS, who is one of two brightest stars (the other being his brother) in my world. A life without either Matthew or Luke is inconceivable. Period.

Below is the quote I copied from this mystery author.  I loved the first sentence!

Love has a way of making statistics irrelevant, and in it, comes a special kind of knowing. I do not love my son any less because he has Down syndrome. His diagnosis says very little about who he is. He is not a disease or a syndrome but an individual.

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