13 October 2013

Friends, Ear Infections & Photos

We've had ourselves a great weekend.  We had friends over for dinner both Friday and Saturday nights and we have enough leftovers in the fridge to probably last at least a few days!  Both nights were great in different ways and we are so blessed with wonderful people in our lives!

Despite battling his first ear infection which we detected on Wednesday after a sleepless night full of tears and neediness, Luke seems to be feeling a little bit better now.  We had been told that because of him having Down syndrome which typically results in affected individuals having smaller than normal ear canals, that he'd likely have recurrent ear infections which would probably lead to him having tubes placed in his ears.  We've been expecting ear infections for months now and are grateful that he managed to get by for nearly ten months before developing his first one.  Hopefully this will be an isolated event and won't be something that we find ourselves continually battling for months to come. 

In just one week, we will celebrate our one year anniversary in our current home.  Our surroundings boast a very natural landscape with lots of trees and as such we've been blessed with the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of nature through each season over the last 12 months.  Right now of course, it's the fall color on the trees and the abundance of leaves in the yard.  I couldn't resist being outdoors some this afternoon and took some new photos of the boys while we were outside.  I know I'm not the only mom to think this about her kids, but seriously I know I have two of the most beautiful boys in the whole wide world!

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  1. Great pictures! Luke is getting so big! Ben is on his second set of tubes. He's got tiny ear canals and a lot of wax so we've noticed an improvement in his speech each time he's gotten them. Any news on Luke's heart surgery?