26 July 2013

Ruby's Rainbow - Inspiring Video

It's been a while since I've had something move me to tears.  This video succeeded in doing just that....  I am so inspired by these little people and their ability to overcome obstacles, persevere through challenges and ultimately live to their greatest potential! 

Ruby's Rainbow

As I watched the video above, I was really struck with my thought process and how different it is from when we only had one child - a typical child who just grew and developed as he was supposed to.  Before Luke, I probably wouldn't have thought much about the advanced gross motor skills shown by the kids in this video. Individuals with Down syndrome generally have low muscle tone and may lack some of the coordination that comes with advanced gross motor skills and activities like roller skating, cheerleading and waterskiing might seem out of reach.  I am so inspired by these kids and can only hope that through lots of physical therapy and some God-given natural abilities, Luke will have the opportunity to enjoy similar experiences throughout his life!

Ruby's Rainbow is a non-profit organization dedicated to the higher educational needs of adults with Down syndrome. We grant scholarships to adults rockin' that extra chromosome for post secondary education, vocational or enrichment classes. Our hope is to raise the expectations of the individuals and show the world just how cool and capable they are!

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  1. Beautiful video, the little dancers got to me because of my love of dancing and I know the skill level that goes into mastering dancing. It's a great video for parents that are just starting out on their journey of the unknown that the old stigma of DS children not being able to accomplish things in live is no longer true. I know DS children still have hurdles but I think through opening up your world you are opening people's eyes that deep down inside a DS child is no different! Thanks for sharing your experiences with everyone!
    Tiffany Kelling