13 July 2013

Bare Skinned Babies

This morning I re-calibrated the settings on my camera (last used to capture fireworks on the 4th of July) and spent a few minutes with Matthew and Luke taking in some shots of our bare skinned babies!  Baby skin is so wonderfully soft, I hope I will always remember what it's like to hold such silky skin!

On another note.. I cannot believe Matthew was so smiley for the camera this morning... he was up last night at 12:05, 12:35 and again at 12:55.  Eventually I pulled him from his crib, grabbed a blanket and moved to the recliner, which is where he and I slept until 6:30 when he woke up begging to read a book.  Additionally, I know that Luke was also awake during the middle of the night because I distinctly remember hearing him cry and then kinda sorta remember seeing the light come on in the kitchen as Dustin worked to prepare him a bottle.  It's a good thing we are a good team, while our kids generally sleep pretty good throughout the night, raising essentially two babies can be brutal sometimes!

Luke has pretty much earned the title, "Master of Tummy Time"!
Besides, that "oh so adorable" smile, isn't his little wisp of hair on the left so sweet?

For the last year, I've been finding myself repeating "this is the best stage so far" and somehow it manages to just keep getting better.  I love being a mom!
I absolutely adore this kid. 

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