05 July 2013

Canning Black Raspberry Jam / Judging Criteria

I took a half day off work this afternoon to capitalize on the abundance of ripe red raspberries following all this rain we've been getting.  I have some work to do this afternoon since I plan to make the rounds on our backroads scouting for the typical advertising of our local Amish that typically consists of a standard end-of-the-driveway sign that's either been handwritten or sometimes stenciled and painted. 

My goal is to make enough for our family and also the family of a cousin who is coming home today from the hospital with her third baby.  I already have half pint jelly jars, Pectin, sugar and a few recipes, so the berries should be sufficient in completing what we need to get started.  I spent some time earlier this week reading up on the basics for canning county fair worthy jams and thought I'd share for others who also enjoy preserving - Judging Criteria for Canning

Judging Criteria for Jellies, Jams, Preserves & Marmalades
Appearance 30%
Color-characteristic of fruit, clearness-jellies, translucent.
Container-glass, practical, clean sealed lids no paraffin seals, neatly labeled, specific size.
Texture 35%
Jelly-tender, should quiver, cut easily and retain shape, no crystals.
Preserves-pieces firm and whole. Clear, thick syrup.
Marmalades-small, thin pieces. Clear, thick syrup.
Butters-fruit that has been pressed through sieve.
Jams-crushed fruit, no separation of fruit and juice.
Flavor 35%
Characteristic, without excessive sweetness or overcooked flavor.
Total 100%

I'll update later with some photos :)v

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