06 December 2013

Matthew used the potty

Matthew instigated using the potty tonight and went #1!

Admittedly, I really wasn't too keen on the prospect of him being potty trained and aside from buying him a potty, I have all but ignored the issue with him other than asking him from time to time if he wanted to try to use the potty.  We use cloth diapers and I've already made the investment, I don't have diapering expenses every month. The biggest thing though is that I have no desire to take he and Luke into a public restroom all on my own (if I'm by myself, say like grocery shopping or something...). Luke still isn't standing on his own or really bearing weight on his legs mych.  The challenge of holding Luke while helping Matthew and trying to keep him from touching everything is scary to me. And then there is trying to get him up to wash his hands while holding a wobbly, low muscle toned Luke. It all feels overwhelming to me.

And what about the bags? A purse? A diaper bag! What will I do with those during all this?

Regardless, Matthew decided he's ready to give it a try, so here we go! Matthew is 2 years and 4 months old and I'm so proud of his initative! I love that he just caught on and did it without us having to prompt him! I've been told that when he was ready that he would let us know, this time, all that advice was spot on!

I've always told myself that I'd never do this... But I couldn't help myself! Here is the proof of his first success on the potty!


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