04 December 2013

Clapping, waving and standing

So many milestones! Luke started consistently clapping in response to being asked to clap or when he's excited this week! He's also now waving hi and bye pretty consistently! Also tonight during therapy, our therapist took a cushion off the couch and placed one of Luke's favorite cause and effect toys (this tower thing that you load five balls onto the top of and then when you press a money, the balls are released one by one to travel down a circular slide where they finally come to rest in the mouths of hills at the bottom. It has these wildly bright led lights and plays some crazy loud songs!) on the couch. She position him standing so he could play with the toy and he actually did it! I've never seen him bear weight for that long, nearly 6 minutes! Granted he was resting his chest and arms on the couch, but hey, we will take it!! Love our hard working little guy so much!!

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