03 August 2013

Rolling Back to Front

Finally!  Luke is now rolling back to front!  He's been doing front to back for a while now and it feels so awesome to have something new to be excited about! 

Yesterday, I put him down on the floor on his back and walked into the kitchen.  Dustin was home and so was Matthew, so when I came back into the living room a few minutes later and he was on his belly I wasn't too surprised.  I asked Dustin if he turned him over for tummy time and after he told he that he hadn't turned him, I just figured Matthew must have done it!  Matthew often wiggles his way into Luke's therapy sessions and he loves to "roll" Luke over by pushing or pulling him one way or the other - obviously not something I'd want him to do when I'm not sitting right there, but I figured it must have happened... Then today, I actually saw Luke roll on his own! Way to go Lukie!

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