08 August 2013

Matthew's First Broken Bone

Matthew broke his pinky finger on his right hand today...  We were husking, washing and preparing corn to freeze (we did 70 quarts by the way) today and Matthew accidentally fell while outside.  We were letting him run around pushing a kiddie wheel barrow full of the freshly husked corn and he must have caught the sole of his tennis shoe on the concrete because he went down head first and caught himself with his hands.  His pinky fingernail was ripped partially off and was bleeding, so we went into the ER expecting stitches for a ripped nail bed.  We were surprised to learn that while he did have a small laceration on his nail bed, the bigger issue was a broken finger.  He had the rest of his fingernail taken off and got a split for his finger and we were on our way home. 

Little guy on the way home... worn out from crying in the ER!
The place in the tip of his finger where it gets really narrow shows the break....

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