13 January 2013

Luke's first therapy appointments

Last week Luke had his first therapy appointments. Basically what we learned during our physical and occupational therapy sessions just amounted to various exercises. Our therapists suggested that we complete the following activities a few times per day:

- Rubbing / tickling baby's feet and hands a few times per day with our own hands and also with items of various textures including soft brushes, soft fabrics, rough toys, etc. This is supposed to remind him that he does have hands and feet at the end of his extremities and to help him build awareness.
- Touching one hand to the opposite foot 10 times and then switching to the other hand and foot and repeating 10 times. This exercise is supposed to help him build muscle strength, but also to help him begin understanding how to use these muscles together eventually when the time comes for him to begin crawling.
- Stretching Luke's arms high above his head with his upper arms resting next to his ears and his elbow flat and then doing the same with his legs, stretching them flat beneath him with the goal of getting his knees to be in line with his hips. We do this stretching to help him have a better range of motion.
- Picking up his feet so they are high in the air (when Luke is laying on his back) with the goal of teaching him to do it himself so he can continue to build trunk muscles.

We will be completing both PT and OT again next month.

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