16 January 2013

Cardiology Follow Up at 3 Weeks Old

Today we had Luke's first follow up with his cardiologist since leaving the NICU.  Basically we didn't learn any new definitive news.  We are going back for another follow up in 3 weeks.  What we did learn at today's appointment is that the pressure in his lungs has dropped some, but not enough to make a call on when his open heart surgery will be scheduled.  At our next appointment, if the pressure remains the same that it is now, we will be looking at surgery being scheduled when he's around 3 months old (which would be at the end of March).  If the pressure continues to decrease, we will continue with regular cardiology follow ups with the potential for us to extend his surgery until he is 12, 18 or even 24 months old. 

Apparently if he does need the surgery sooner rather than later but we choose to wait, he can have irreversible damage to his lungs.  Our cardiologist mentioned something about implications to his liver too, but now that I'm recalling the conversation, I don't remember the exact details. I will have to remember to ask her about that next time.

I know that Luke needs open heart surgery.  Now that he's here and I've had a chance to really fall in love with him, the prospect of him actually having the surgery is terrifying.  I know that the success rate is very high and he will likely have a smooth and quick recovery but I'm still scared. 

I will continue to pray for strength for our family and I have faith that our prayers will be answered as His plan continues to unfold in our lives.

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