04 January 2013

First night in the PICU

We spent last night in the PICU with baby Luke... He is 12 days old.

He had really bad diarrhea last night, projectile vomited all over himself and Mommy and in addition had very labored breathing. I was concerned about the breathing being a symptom of congestive heart failure so we called the NICU to discuss with the neonatologist. After listening to Luke's symptoms, he suggested that we talk over FaceTime so he could complete a visual inspection of Luke's breathing. After watching his chest retract with each breath over the screen, he suggested that we come up to the Clinic to get him checked out. At that point it was about 8:30 at night, so we called a neighbor to come watch Matthew until my mom arrived and after some quick packing, we were on the road by about ten till nine. We were in a room in the PICU by 10 pm and the staff here were ready for our arrival, with numerous doctors and nurses waiting to check him out. After a chest X-ray, a swab test to check for a respiratory infection and a thorough exam by the neonatologist, It was determined that Luke was okay. His breathing had steadied and slowed down considerably by the time we had arrived and the other tests had come back normal. We were really thankful that he was okay and we agreed that the Clinic is very blessed to have such a wonderful Director (he is also the neonatologist who saw us last evening)! The biggest downside to us being "better safe than sorry" last night was that we had to sleep on a pull out love seat that had springs sticking through the 2 inch thick mattress and by 3 pm the following day, we are still waiting to be discharged! I guess those things just come with the territory, so we will focus our thoughts on how lucky we were that Luke was fine and we will be heading home soon!

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