24 December 2012

Christmas Eve at the Cleveland Clinic

On the bright side, I'm here with Dustin and baby Luke. But after seeing all of our friends' posts on Facebook tonight about attending Christmas Eve service at church, pics of their kids wearing matching Santa jammies, plates of cookies and milk sitting out for the bearded guy and comments about being excited to wake up in the morning to celebrate with their families, I'm left feeling a bit sorry for myself since we are missing all of those things with Matthew tonight. Fortunately he attended church tonight with family, so that's at least reassuring, but I can't help but feel a little sad that we are stuck up here away from home. Hopefully tomorrow will make up for it since Matthew will be visiting us in the hospital and even better we will get to introduce him to his baby brother and on top of all of that, we will for the first time get to spend our first few moments together as a family of four!

For tonight however, I will just have to be happy with sitting in my hospital room watching Americas Funniest Home Videos Christmas Edition and the Duck Dynasty Christmas Special with Dustin knowing that our sweet new baby is safe and comfortable in another wing across the hospital and that our big boy is in the care of loving relatives. While I may be a bit envious of all my Facebook friends and their cozy family time tonight, I'm reminding myself that the spirit of Christmas isn't about Santa, it's about the birth of Baby Jesus and the story of God's love. Maybe more than ever, I know first hand tonight that God loves me... I have been blessed with a loving husband, two beautiful boys and a heart full of hope for our future!

Merry Christmas to you tonight, wherever you may be!

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