01 August 2014

I was born for a purpose

Over the course of the last week I've found myself plumb, smack-dab, right-in-the-middle of a situation I didn't solicit.  As the events have unraveled over the span of about six days, at times I've been left feeling lost, helpless and more or less, mostly just plain confused.  Don't worry, it's not something major with the hubs or our kids, but it will likely affect us all to some degree at some point in our future.

It just feels odd to have been so completely blind-sided and the only thing I know to do is to ask God how he wants me to help make things better under the circumstances.  And even more than that, I know that I have to keep my heart wide open so I'm able to hear Him when he reveals what my role is supposed to be.  Even though I don't know the specifics of how things will play out, I do have faith that God will guide and equip me with knowledge and energy and above all, He will provide everything I need to do His work... whatever that may be!

Dear Lord,  I am your faithful servant...  I want to do Your work and abide by Your will.  I trust You to lovingly care for me, guide me and provide me with the tools I need to accomplish the tasks at hand.  Please help me to maintain an open mind and a willing heart and help me to share Your love, peace and forgiveness with others in my life.  In Your name I pray, Amen.

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