25 August 2014

1st Day of Preschool for Matthew

Today was Matthew's first day of preschool... it took some pretty direct questioning on my part, but here is his recap of the afternoon:

"I made a bridge for my truck and trailer.  It fitted.  It was just for me.  I hooked up my truck and tailer and hauled a car over the bridge.  Ms. Ranita read lots and lots of books.  I cried because I missed you.  I rode a 4-wheeler on the playground and it drove me.  I played puzzles, two of them.  They were animal puzzles.  I ate Goldfish and drank all my apple juice.  Me and my friends played with Play-Doh and they drank apple juice too.  That's all we have"

Matthew did cry when we left but his teacher reported that he recovered pretty quickly and he was fine for the rest of the afternoon.  Also, on the way home he got upset because he couldn't see his "pack-pack" (aka backpack) which made him think he left it at school... that also made him cry!  Once he realized it was next to him on the seat he was excited to show us the papers in his folder!  He also shared that he's excited to go back to school later this week!

Way to go Matthew!  You're one awesome little guy! 

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  1. What a cutie! I love the recap. My son said I asked too many questions and that he doesn't remember his day. Sheesh!